Optimise your conversion rate

Getback is an onsite technology that helps you raise your conversion rate via specific measures which are tailored to your particular online shop. Getback allows you to read the behaviour of your website visitors and provides them with the right cue, supporting service or suitable action at the right time. On top of this, you can control all of your upselling activities and promotions via Getback.


Tracking user behaviour

Getback measures the behaviour of your shop visitors, recognises the incoming traffic channel and displays visitors' system properties (e.g. operating system, end device, browser language and more).

Specific approach

Thanks to the user data obtained in this way, you can define a number of different rules (triggers): For instance, you decide which information, service or promotion is displayed to which shop visitor at which time. Don't talk down to your visitors, offer them added value!

Integrated design

Getback offers a wide variety of options for raising your conversion rate via layer play-outs. Instead of showing your visitors static banners, Getback lets them interact with your website. We prepare the basic design of your layers according to the look & feel of your online shop. Layers are thus fully integrated into the shop and are perceived as a service rather than a foreign object.

Dashboard & optimisation

You have a transparent dashboard at your disposal that allows you to call up the performances of your campaigns in real time. You can also define test groups and design A/B tests to optimise your performance.


Getback is run by a team of experts with long-standing experience in the field of performance marketing and conversion optimisation. We offer full service support, ranging from the idea, layout and delivery all the way to the optimisation of your strategic measures.

Specific customer approach

Performance-oriented invoicing

Shopping cart increase

Clear dashboard design with real-time data

Easy integration into your shop

Optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile

A/B testing

Conversion and upselling campaigns using one single technology

Variety of predefined triggers

Transparent and practical implementation